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Born and raised in the infamous zip code 48205 of Detroit, MI which is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Keyon Clinton is a proud product of his environment and he is NOT A STATISTIC! He received his Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University in Electrical Engineering and is currently working for a multi-billion dollar company, while also pursuing his education further to obtain his master’s degree in Business Administration.

His philanthropic character has led him on a journey to invest in youth advancement all over the world, which ultimately inspired the founding of his very own business, F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget About Me, I Love You). He is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, mentor, philanthropist and most importantly a servant of the Lord. “My mission in life is to always be a blessing to others no matter what you are doing in life” and standing by this, Keyon truly believes that we must sacrifice our own self-gratification for the success of others.




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Published: March 23, 2022
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